You’ve written a blog post. Great! However, it may not be enough. The problem is, the web is no longer just about text. You need to have other types of content in your mix. One great way to do that is to repurpose your content.

Do you have PowerPoint? If so, you now have the ability to not only create a slideshow but to turn that slideshow into a video. If you don’t have PowerPoint, don’t worry. There are plenty of alternatives that don’t cost any money.  If you are a basket case when it comes to creating other types of assets, such as video, etc., you can have someone else do it for relatively little money.

You could try freelance websites as well. Make sure you ask for examples before choosing any freelancer. The advantage to sites like and the rest is you can view the ratings of previous work.  Using someone else is great, but it doesn’t hurt to learn how to do it yourself.

A video can be as simple as writing text on a slideshow and producing that as a video. If you have more sophisticated software, such as Camtasia, you can create instructional videos that supplement your blog posts. You simply capture a session of something that you normally work on and speak about what you are doing. Then, you can upload your video to sites like

When you create these other assets and share them (like YouTube, etc.) don’t forget to add them back into your website. For example, if you did a post about solar energy, create a video about it and then embed it into the post.  At an absolute minimum, you could use someone else’s video in your posts.

YouTube has a policy that allows anyone to embed their videos unless the publisher specifically asks for it not to be included. Most people will let it be shared. Usually, it benefits them by gaining more traffic to those videos. The idea is to find a video related to your blog post on YouTube, and then grab the embed code and place it into your

blog post. You can do this with as well. The biggest drawback to this method is that it runs the risk of driving traffic away from your website (or multimedia assets) when they are not your own.