Everyone has advice to offer regarding your online blog. It is an advicedu-jour type of environment. Each week, you can expect something new. The advice may work in the short-term, but in many cases, it eventually goes out of favor with either the search engines or with your readers.

One piece of advice that continues to circulate is to create quality content. This keeps appearing for one great reason: it works. It’s the only tried-and-true piece of advice, and it’s one that was relevant ten years ago and will be relevant ten years from now. In short, Google wants relevant results for its searches and providing relevant results will get you rewarded.  But, what exactly does it mean to create quality content?

That advice seems to be lacking, at least until now. To create quality content, you need to focus on who you are creating it for. Even quality content will be of little use if it is not presented to the right audience. For instance, you can write a great article on the benefits of organic gardening, but it won’t resonate well with someone who is searching for how to buy the right cement for your next DIY project.

The key here is to start out with relevancy. Your readers came to your blog because they were looking for some information. Give it to them. If you read in a forum that people were having an issue with some topic and you provide an answer to the issue, they will be happy with what you publish. Some will argue that if you give them everything they need, they no longer have a use for your blog.

While some readers will do this, others will recognize that you presented yourself as an authority on this topic and will be curious about what else you can help them with. This is why it’s crucial to have a call-to-action on each of your blog posts. Give them a reason to come back.  Enlist others and collaborate on content creation. This has several benefits. First, you will get another view on the content.

Second, you will have someone willing to promote what you have created in exchange for promoting what they have created. It only takes a couple of influential bloggers to send your content and blog into the stratosphere. The web is a collaborative machine. Use this fact to your advantage.