Advertisements that appear on Google when you search for information.

Alt Text
The alternate text of an image, which tells Google what the image is of. This also tells vision impaired users or users who have images disabled in their web browsers what the image is of. EG: “image of two people shaking hands.”

Links from other web pages pointing back to yours.

Bold, Underline, Italics
Text formatting tools that can be used to emphasise text on a webpage.

Bounce Rate
The percentage of people that enter and leave your website from the same page
without clicking through and visiting any other pages on your website.

Software you use to browse the internet, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari
or Google Chrome.

Content management system. A CMS allows you to manage the content on your web-site.

Commercial Value
The number of clicks a web page could receive if ranked at #1 on Google multiplied by the average cost per click if you were advertising against this keyword.

The top 10 websites that appear for a particular keyword search on Google that you want to appear on page one for.

A social bookmarking website.

A social bookmarking website.

DMOZ Directory
The largest human reviewed directory of web links on the internet.

The domain of your website. EG: is the domain for the Google web-site, including all the individual pages that live at

The act of keyword research to better understand what your target audience are actual-ly searching for on Google to find your types of products and services.

A social media service.

Golden Rules Filter
The fastest way in Market Samurai to start looking for keywords that have good levels of traffic and acceptable levels of competition.

Google Analytics
A free tool from Google that allows you to analyse user clicks and behaviour on your website.

Google Clues
Places that Google looks to for information about a particular web page. Some of these places are on the actual web page itself and some are on other web pages on other ex-ternal websites.

Google Insights Tool A tool that allows you to analyse the volume of searches for a particular keyword across different regions, categories and time frames.

Google Search Based Keyword Tool
A tool that allows you to analyse the keywords that users type into Google and the competitiveness of the advertisements that appear next to those keywords. This is use-ful for deciding which keyword to target.

Google Trends Tool
A tool that allows you to analyse trending patterns for a particular keyword over time to establish the value in that keyword.

Google Webmaster Tools
A free suite of tools from Google that allows you to tell Google information about your website.

The first, or primary heading on a web page.

The second, or sub-heading on a web page.

The third, or sub-sub-heading on a web page.

Index Count
The number of pages on a particular domain that Google has in its index.

Keyword Research
Analysing keywords in Google to identify opportunities where there are lots of people looking for your type of information and products and where the competition for the keyword is weak.

Words or phrases people use to search for information on Google. Keywords may con-sist of more than one word. EG: “Email newsletter templates” is a keyword as is “how do I send email newsletters.”

An online professional networking service.

Market Samurai
A software tool that allows you to conduct keyword research and analyse
your competition very quickly.

Off Page Factors
All the “clues” on other web pages that tell Google what your web page is all about.

On Page Factors
All the “clues” on your actual web page that tell Google what your web page is all about.

Page Description
The description of a web page.

Page Title
The title of a web page.

A score our of 10 that Google gives every web page in its index.

Automatically updating blog search and blog directory services with information about your website.

A pinging service.

Pay Per Click. Advertising on Google for particular keyword and literally paying per click.

Referring Domains
The number of other domains linking back to yours.

Search engine optimisation. That is, optimising your website so that is performs well in search engine results.

Search engine results page. That is the page that shows the results for your search.

Goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant / Realistic, Time-bound.

Social Bookmarking
Sharing your favourite websites with your friends online via websites such as and

Social Media
Sharing information and media (such as images and video) with your friends online via websites like and

A social bookmarking website.

The Index
A listing of all web pages that Google is aware of. It is this index that provides you the results when you search for something on Google.

Visits to your website.

Traffic Sources
The other websites where people visiting our website are coming from. EG: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google.

A micro-blog social media service.

Universal resource locator. The actual web address of a particular web page. EG: the URL for the Google home page is

The number of searches for a particular keyword in a month.
An open-source content management system that allows you to manage the content on your website.

Yahoo Directory
Another human reviewed directory of web pages owned by Yahoo.